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The Old Wives Tale That Really Does Work...

Anastasia Masha

benefits of apple cider vinegar hangover box.jpg

ACV...AKA Apple Cider Vinegar.

ACV...AKA Apple Cider Vinegar.

Do you suffer with bloating? Find it difficult to loose weight? Having digestion problems? Can't find an effective detox? Never seem to be able to cure a hunger? Want whiter teeth? .... well read on and find out why apple cider vinegar, the fermented health tonic, is the answer to all of your prayers.

OK, so I kinda jumped on the band wagon. I had heard so many people around me and online rave about how apple cider vinegar was the answer to all of their problems. How it had helped them shed pounds in weeks. How it helped them clear some room (if you know what I mean...aka no2). It helped their digestion, their sleep pattern and much more. So well me being me, I had to give this a try.

So off I went into Holland and Barrett and asked the lady who worked there the brand she recommended. Now if you have the money the brand everyone suggests is called Braggs, however at student prices the lady suggested that this brand has exactly the same effect, just for a cheaper price, so I went for it, Aspall, raw apple cider vinegar. Key thing to note is that for the following recipes to work, the Apple Cider Vinegar you purchase must contain THE MOTHER ingredient. Now I had my apple cider vinegar, I had to figure out some recipes to get the results I desired from taking it. For me, my main aim was to get rid of some bloating, increase my metabolism, as well as praying my teeth got a little whiter. So here are some factual benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, as well as how I feel it's helped me and the recipes I followed to make this potent ingredient a lot easier to take. (I have now been taking apple cider vinegar for 2 weeks.)

apple cider vinegar benefits blog post hangover box.jpg

DIGESTIVE BENEFITS OF ACV- Apple cider vinegar when taken simply with water before a meal can seriously improve your digestion. ACV contains enzymes and bacteria that make digestion for the body so much easier. It also allows for optimum absorption of vitamins and nutrients from the food we then go onto eat. Furthermore it also promotes the production of digestive 'juices' and enzymes in the body so food is broken down fully. Also and it may sound crazy, but whilst researching about ACV everyone had said 'cures my heart burn', 'no more indigestion and acid reflux', which I know 'isn't vinegar an acid?', wrong. Since I started drinking ACV- must note this is ALWAYS diluted in water, I would say 2 tbsp to a pint of water- I haven't had indigestion or heartburn, which I previously did get fairly frequently.

BEAUTY BENEFITS OF ACV- Apple cider vinegar, being fermented, has antibacterial properties, so once the body takes it in, it goes to work 'knocking out' bacteria that can cause bad breath or halitosis. Furthermore it also can kill bacteria in the plaque which aids in a fresher breath and also improving the whiteness of teeth. ACV also as it supports the insides, in turn shows a healthy glow on the outside, which is always a plus, because lets be honest who doesn't want a nice glow to their cheeks.

BLOOD SUGAR BENEFITS OF ACV- there has been many studies carried out that show, ACV can improve insulin sensitivity, which means lower blood sugar levels when the body responds to food consumption. Therefore meaning ACV can help contribute to stable glucose levels in the blood even after eating a high carb meal. Balanced blood sugar improves hormones (however this is yet to be seen ;) ), reduces stress, which I have definitely seen and also keeps sugar cravings at bay, which I also truly believe has significantly improved in my diet.

DETOX BENEFITS OF AVC- apple cider vinegar supports both the lymphatic system and promotes good circulation. Thus making it a handy tool in your bodies natural detox functions. It also, gross but true, thins out mucus, yes you read correctly, mucus, which means when fighting a cold ACV drinks are the way to go!

turmeric apple cider vinegar detox blog post.jpg


- Well let's start with the most simplest- WITH WATER- this one is the easiest and quickest and the one when doing my research I found most used, simply add 2 tablespoons of ACV to a pint of water and then down the hatch, either in the morning or at night. In the morning you are set up for a day of good digestion, a good clear out and a properly lined stomach. Where as in the evening you are set for bacteria fighting and help with digestion ready for the night ahead. I will say though, although this one is easy, its not the nicest in regards to flavour, so it depends on how you want to drink it and also how much time you have. PS this is also the best for teeth whitening.

- My ultimate detox, de-bloat recipe I will say however is with TURMERIC and LEMON-

Turmeric itself is an anti- inflammatory, along with lemon which is high in vitamin C boosting immunity, a natural alkaline along with all the benefits of ACV, this is by far the most effective recipe. For this I put a tsp of turmeric, half the juice of a lemon and hot water with 2 tbsp of ACV and ta-dah, your ultimate detox drink. I prefer to drink this in the morning I would say up to 10 mins before my breakfast. With this drink I really have felt the benefits in regards to bloating and digestion, and it is just simply a pleasent drink in the morning, you can feel the cleaning effects straight away- well I think you can anyway.


Cinnamon is a natural source of a high amount of anti-oxidants, it also again is an ant-inflammatory, helps keep a healthy heart and again helps dental health and keeps a nice breath. Ginger is also anti-inflammatory and also helps with digestion and again is anti-bacterial. For this I simply add 1 tsp of each to hot water along with 2 tbsp of ACV and it goes to work.

Plus this is the tastiest...I recommend this one for the night time, it is very relaxing and add a drop of honey....its like Christmas in a cup...obviously with a hint of sour from the vinegar though.

To summarise, Apple Cider Vinegar is honestly a natural wonder. A tonic that helps in so many ways, I truly suggest you give it a try and reap its benefits. I will also say since I started drinking these drinks I have been sleeping like a baby. Its kept me much calmer and helped so much with my digestion, teeth and more, In the first few days I felt like I'd dropped about 20 pounds (wish it was true!). Seriously though, I'm glad I tried it..... now it's your turn....

If you do give it a try, please let me know your thoughts and how you get on in the comments bellow.

Thanks and lots of love.



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