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How To Find Your Style/Aesthetic

Anastasia Masha

Hello friends!

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about photography and how you can find the perfect style that fits your personality best.

People always ask me how do I keep my aesthetic so clean and 'perfect' everytime I post something.

Well, the answer is simple; I keep doing myself.

I never post anything that I don't feel like it's 100% entirely me; I post photos that I love only and that actually make me feel happy and good about my aesthetic.

I am a perfectionist and sometimes I see it as a flaw, cause it becomes frustrating; but most of the times it's actually a trait. I feel so motivated and never post anything that I don't really like.

My feed needs to be perfect, clean and minimal as much as possible. Of course, everybody is different; people have different tastes, I'm not saying that you need to do the same things as I do.

You do you.

That's the key, actually!

So I thought I could give you some advices on how to find your style/aesthetic for an instagram feed or whatever photography app you're using.


  • Never compare your photos/feed to other's. Your photos should be as original as possible. Sure, you can be obviously inspired by someone, but never copy someone else's pictures. It's actually more fun to create your own photos, trust me.
  • Find a theme that fits your personality best. Maybe you like darker tones, black and grey colors for example; try to take pictures of whatever you want keeping that style so your feed won't be too messy. Maybe play a little bit with shadows! If you like bright pictures and warmer tones, try to take pictures of whatever you'd like; (for example: outfits, books, places) and again, if you want to focus on a certain theme, then maybe you could choose a few colors, perhaps even a filter, and try to stick to them.
  • Your feed could be about whatever you'd like, it doesn't need to be about just one 'thing' or 'topic'. It can be about your writing, fashion, and beauty; or it could be about art, drawing, school, and food! Post whatever you like, post about your passions, hobbies; and always put yourself in it. Be creative! Maybe you could keep a journal where you can write photos ideas or something.
  • Captions; try to write captions that attract people's attention, again, just by being yourself. Don't force yourself to write things that don't make sense to you, or that you don't really care about. Try to express your feelings in your captions, about whatever you like. Or just quote something that you love for example! In my opinion, posting emojis only could be a little bit boring, so I won't suggest doing that!
  • Find your inspiration. As I already said, just because you want to be original, doesn't mean that you can't have inspirations. Follow accounts that inspire you and your style; even on pinterest, tumblr. Seeing photos that you love could affect your style a lot, in a good way of course, but remember (!) don't try to be anyone else but yourself! 

Again, every person is different of course. If you feel the need to change your feed, or suddenly you feel the need to bring some new colors to your pictures and feed, then do it!

You should never be bored of how your pictures turn. You should never be unhappy on how your feed is looking, otherwise perhaps you're not actually doing/posting what you love.

Remember, be yourself, createhave fun, and never get bored of your pictures.

I hope this will help you somehow!

Lots of love,

your autumn girl, Mikaela. x

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is a prominent lover of jazz music, coffee and architecture. She writes poetry, blogs and always channels her distinctive aesthetic and style. Follow this bae on Instagram or heart everything on Tumblr here.  

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