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Five Free Essential Apps For Bloggers

Anastasia Masha

We are the age of The Influencer. Big brands from high street to high end are waking up to our marketing potential and investing in our social media crazed selves, and why? Bloggers and Influencers make an impact. Our generation (whether its healthy or not) lives with phone in hand. We spend every waking hour scrolling through socials because we’re nosy… and its all well and good to follow but how do you get followed? If you’re committed to establishing your own brand and social media presence then these are the five essential apps you need to download right now.

The beginning of my own blog and ‘content creator’ title followed with a greater understanding of the importance of all things social media. I searched for anything and everything that could possibly help me to improve my content or to better market myself. I cringe at the recollection of my own Instagram page a mere few years ago, a time when I was barely active and posted poorly lit and uninteresting photos! Now, I’m aware of all kinds of Instagram pressures… people work so hard to stick to a theme and us bloggers are doing anything and everything we can to increase our engagement! There’s no doubt that running a blog and successful social media accounts is a full time job, but I guarantee that these time saving, image enhancing apps will make it much easier to manage.


If you live in the UK and are anything like myself, you’ll agree that the winter months are hellish. There are many reasons I’m of this opinion, but the only relevant one is that its always dark. Great images are arguably THE most important part of online success, but the weather that accompanies the British Winter make light and bright photography next to impossible. That’s where Lightroom comes in. Lightroom is an editing app which not only allows you to control the brightness and highlights, but also the colour… a few small tweaks will completely transform your photo.


Canva is basically graphic design for dummies! It’s my go-to app for creating blog headers, twitter banners, and even my brand logo! Its so easy to use, has so many inspiring fonts and templates, and even looks after the technicalities for you, with templates that are the exact sizing needed for twitter posts and headers, blog graphics… the list goes on.


Planoly is for the Instagram obsessed organiser! A planning app which lets you ‘dummy post’ to your Instagram feed, Planoly allows you to rearrange and play around with images. This gives you the ability to find the most aesthetically pleasing order before you commit it to your feed. I love using this app to see how new images will look alongside my existing content, and there have been so many times that its allowed me to reassess my image order to make my feed look more ‘themed’!


For many of us, growing Instagram has been an uphill struggle. I for one, find myself having to work much harder to stay relevant, get decent engagement and gain followers rather than loose them. With so many accounts playing dirty and using the ‘follow to unfollow’ game to increase their numbers, its difficult to trust new followers to stick around. Any accounts that follow me and whose content I like, I’ll follow back, I then check and manage my unfollowers every few weeks using the Twitly app. It tattles on both Instagram and Twitter unfollowers so that you can keep an eye on those fluctuating follower counts.


Hands up those who struggle to keep on top of all of their social media platforms, alongside keeping their head above water in real life! My twitter used to really suffer when I was having a busy period, which was so frustrating because we all know what a great platform it is for promoting blog posts! The Buffer app is an absolute life-saver if you’re having this issue, because it remembers for you! All you have to do is set a schedule, queue some tweets, and the rest is taken care of.

I hope you love these apps as much as I do and that they free up some of your time and leave you less frazzled! Let me know if there are any apps that I’ve missed but that are essential to your blogging routine… I’d love to check them out and add them to my own.

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is a writing enthusiast, fashion and beauty lover, an emerging photographer and a lifestyle blogger. Follow Sophie on Instagram for beautiful snaps or Twitter for her blog updates!

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