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6 Ways to Self Care right now when you work so damn hard

Anastasia Masha

written by Whitney Alese

This article was originally published on The Reclaimed

Y'all entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Real talk, it's hard out here. Particularly if you are choosing a space that seems over-saturated. To stand out, you have to produce more, or better, or constantly, and that is really no way to live.

But even if you aren't an entrepreneur, I am sure you have felt this way too. There are going to be those days where you have worked your fingers to the bone and your mind into mush. Its on those days you feel like you have fallen into a slump and need to claw your way out.

It get's like that for all of us.

Our society and upbringing oftentimes geared us to a life of working hard for wealth at the expense of our health and then paying for our health using what we have earned from our wealth. But this year, I have decided to make some major (and not so major) changes to bless my

Here are some of the ways I stay sane while working for myself.

Journaling, Journaling, Journaling
One of the elements of self care that I have committed to is journaling at least once a week. I know, I know, that means time away from your business or hustle. But, when you consider that this is time that will be well invested in your own mental stability by the cathartic process of writing down whatever you are feeling or thinking or praying for, then you will see it as time well worth the investment. Take the time. Make the time. Even if it's only for 3 minutes, make the time to write.

Take a damn break already
Last week, we talked about the difference between hustling and alignment and how essential both are to success. Hustling alone will only wear you out. Remember, you are a human being, not a human doing. There are times when you absolutely need a break. Take the time to take a break.

Make sure you move your body
I move my body everyday. No, I'm not spending hours in the gym. I go for walks a lot. Something about being outside and moving and feeling my joints and bones and muscles move around is liberating, especially if I am in a slump. If you have been sitting in front of a laptop or computer or at a desk all day, it is essential to get up and move. Commit to moving your body every day, even if you can only walk around the block or jog up a few flights of stairs. Do it. You will feel better.

Look at what you have accomplished so far
Remember when your mom or dad used to hang up your work on the refrigerator or put your trophies or medals on a shelf for everyone to see? Remember how that made you feel? How empowered and proud and energizing it was to see the tangible realization of your hard work displayed? Now put that into play as an adult. I keep a folder on my laptop of the different achievements I have made. I also keep a running list of the brand partnerships that I have been blessed with. On rough days, I open those things up, just to remind myself of how far I have come. It really puts things into perspective.

Stop comparing
This one is me all the way. We can be so hyper-focused at what other people are doing that we miss all the great things happening around us. Stop scrolling, close the social feeds, and stop looking around. Instead, take a deep breath and look within. Look at your life through the lens of gratitude. Realize that you have been given every single thing you need to enjoy your own beautiful life. Feel empowered that if there is an element you want to change and are able to change, that you, indeed, can change it. If there is an area of your life that, right now, you are unable to change or change as quickly as you would like, don't obsess over not having control. Let go. Realize that there is a reason why this thing remains out of your control and focus on the things you can do.

Remind yourself why you started
Remind yourself why you chose to do what you are doing. Whether it is entrepreneurship or a certain career path, remind yourself why you are here. Remember that excitement you first had once you launched out into these waters. Remember your big dreams and big goals. Let that excitement waft over you again and get back in the ring.

Hope these help you as much as they are helping me.

Do you have a self care tip? Drop it in the comment box below! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Whitney Alese is a freelance writer and blogger. Read more of her work here or follow her on Instagram for beautiful snaps and daily updates.

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