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Anastasia Masha

Aloha party beasts! Are you still crying about summer along with the September rain? Dry your reservoir of tears, dear one. If Siri is silent towards your pleas for tumblr perfect location that serves drinks, we are slaving away in the office to bring you just that.

Check out our list for Riga here , or scroll away to get a sneak peak of Milanese hot spots. 

Dark and intimate, this location has been scoring reviews and magnetising international press like a pro. The cocktail menu is a rock star dream, not to mention that each drink is themed and comes with array of gadgets (because most of us are just kids of drinking age after all). The execution of cocktails is an art form, from making to serving. Downside? No pre-booking. Stand outside and hope for the best. Order Sex and The City if you do get in, though.  

Your Instagram followers will hold their breath if you:

a. scrupulously snap a video of the MAG interiors


b. get a laid back looking photo casually sipping on a drink outside (bonus: in the heart of the Navigli nobody will give you a side stare for day drinking. Hey, you are in Italy, you will NEVER get a stare for day drinking). 

Besides the cool vibe, WI-FI (a rare luxury in Milan) and cute menu, you can also enjoy a bite here. 

In Milan, if you happen to lay your eyes on something rather more exotic than wine, more often than not, you will find yourself sipping on vodka-syrup-soap-and-sugar beverage made out of bartender tears. With that said, if you are still looking for something outside your comfort zone, that tastes right, Rita is the place. It serves a very elaborate range of drinks, so prepare yourself for a ride. Call in advance, this one seems to be always busy getting party beasts like you tipsy.  

This blog post was written by Masha.