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Anastasia Masha

Book: Just Kids by Patti Smith

Patti Smith is a legendary representative of a female in a rock'n'roll world dominated by males. A poet, a rockstar, an artist, a song writer, a muse to her contemporaries and to generations to come. This book is an intimate narrative about Patti Smith's life before fame; chronicling a devoted friendship between her and Robert Mapplethorpe. Before you jump on this one, her other book, the M Train, is also a must read. 

Female artist: Kamya Meha

Recently discovered via Instagram, this lady sinked into our hearts with her feminine art. Kamya Meha portrays delicacy with boldness and celebrates womanhood to the core. Her creative imagery is consistent, modern and honours the body without shame. Visual heaven, no doubt. Based in Paris, she specialises in graphic as well as web design.      

Going a little bit green

Although the Hangover Box team sources the products with the least impact on our Mother Earth (the scrubs are paper packaged, the facial spray does not come in plastic, and the mugs are eco friendly); it was a bit challenging to carry around our own mugs to the coffee shops to reduce the waste and littering that comes with takeaway. After a couple of failed attemtpts, it actually felt liberating and we hope many will follow our example.

This blog post was written by Masha.