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Anastasia Masha

Aloha kids of drinking age! How is everybody's summer going? June is gone unnoticed on our part and we already feel like it is wasted, but hey, there is always a saturated filter or two that you can add to your summer online feed and pretend that life is poppin. 

On the other note, Hangover Box mini is sold out (!) at M COLLECTIVE concept store (Milan, Italy), which means many of you at least, are having the time of your life and we are more than happy to assist you, wild souls, during hot summer nights.

If for some reason, you did not get your hands on the Hangover Box mini in the store, CLICK HERE , love. 

Hangover Box original is still available at the M COLLECTIVE as well as online.

Good Vibes & stay safe,

The Hangover Box Team or your guardian angels.

This blog post was written by Masha.