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Check out our blog page for party beasts anonymous and hangover survivors!


Anastasia Masha

We continue to update you on the lovely things we discover via friends, Instagram or even from the outside activities (wine tasting on the couch counts). Check out March and July for more entertainment, or keep on scrolling. Whatever rocks your boat, really. 

Over Ez

This baby was a god sent this summer. All natural supplement that prevents hangovers with the help of chicory root and milk thistle (vegans rejoice), on top of that a vitamin B complex and charming packaging with a funny quote. Take this magic pill just before the party or during the consumption of your favourite beverage. Available in both Hangover Box and Hangover Box Mini

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

Summer reading list goals. A collection of girl power infused essays that are reasonable, contemporary and relatable. A must read for creatives, communication enthusiasts, artists, girls and boys alike. This is one of those books that you will bookmark the fuck out and flood every single social media account you have ever had with quotes. Ahem Roxane Gay.  

Ganor Dominic Heels

Although our glass-jar-money is far off from making a purchase from Ganor Dominic (is far from any kind of purchase period), drooling and making Harmonia sandals (or Chaos booties) a first on the wish list is for free. These beautiful London-designed, Italian-made bundles of joy, shall be a priority once we actually make real money. Well, gas bills FIRST of course. THEN pink Harmonia suede sandals. Sandals. Wait... what?

@resistingbitchface Instagram account

If you are into powerful girlhood images but also have a soft spot for pink, well dear friend, this one is a bingo. “Cat calling is for pussies" and "I eat gender norms for breakfast" posts are our favourite so far. Go ahead and give this one a follow. #SupportingLocalGirlSquad  

This blog post was written by Masha.