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July Things We Love

Anastasia Masha

Hello wild souls! We hope you are all celebrating summer vibes with your squad 'hangover survivor' and wine! Meanwhile, we continue to update you on some awesome things our Hangover Box team loves (check out March here). Keep on scrolling and good vibes!

Hangover Box Mini

Our team is very excited to announce a shop update with a Hangover Box mini! The kit includes a wake me up coffee body & face scrub, Vilenta selfie masks (INSTA PERFECT!), Hangover Survivor pin (SOO CUTE!) , over ez hangover prevention pill and hydro under eye patches. The mini kits are perfect for travel (summer Ibiza calling!) or weekend getaway make up bag update (music festivals anyone?). Shop all the goodies HERE.  


Digital darlings teaching in written, video & audio form about social media, brand management, visual story telling, photography and more! Sonya Esman and Zanita Whittington among our favourite visual/photography gurus. Try it out, they got a free trial!

Vilenta Selfie Mask

Many of you have shown your love for the Vilenta masks we include in our Hangover Boxes via Instagram accounts; the fun, photogenic packaging must have done it. But many of you only discover the second part of the product later on, which is a quirky animal looking sheet mask that is just as cute as any snapchat filter. A great nourishing treat during chill summer evenings!

Romily Alice's Art

This bold darling was found while surfing Instagram for pink-beach-champagne content and what a revelation she was! Romily Alice's neon installations are very sensual, daring and feminist to the core! Oh how we wish we could afford her art in our bedrooms! Or better in the office ;)   

This blog post was written by Masha.