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The 5 Experiences That Make That Hangover Worth It

Anastasia Masha

Written and submitted by : Katerina Eleftheriou

Those of us who drink have been there before—nausea, headaches, hunger. All signs of a hangover you’ve undoubtedly inflicted upon yourself, where regret is seeping out of you like sweat on the dance floor of the club last night. For the most part, it isn’t fun, only a strong reminder not to drink as much or with certain people anymore, but it’s not always so grim and I’m here to give a few reasons why you shouldn’t mind being a bit hung over the day after.

Going to a Music Festival

This past summer was the first time I attended a music festival. The bass was blaring, lights were flashing, and everyone was part of a community, looking to have some fun. If you every find yourself in a situation like this, embrace the recklessness of mixing drinks and view your hangover as a reflection of fun times and good music.

Downtown Condo Hangouts

This is one of my favourite things to do, especially in the winter when coats are too heavy and looking out a window seems like enough social interaction. Spending the night peering out of a twenty story apartment with the buzz of friends around you is my preferred fun so if I end up with a hangover the next day, I consider it a night well spent.

Pub Crawls

These are notorious for getting you drunk because you are obliged to buy a few drinks at every bar you visit. However, the adventure of finding your new go-to spot or meeting a few new people outweighs the splitting headache awaiting you the next day.

The Accidental Intoxication

This one is much more common than you’d think and may leave you a bit confused as to who (or what) exactly took over your body urging you have a good time. These nights are usually the most fun because of the unforeseen turnt that occurs, so I think feeling a bit sick in the morning is a sign of your success.

A (Drunk) Late Night Writing Session

This is by far my favourite of them all. Not only does it make every one of my jokes hilarious, but it also opens up my mind to many more ideas than I could have while being in a sober state of mind. Whether it’s journal writing of a few political thought-provoking tweets, no one can be mad at tapping into their creativity despite the 2 am fridge raids.

No one likes being hung over, but maybe if it’s for the right reason we can survive it.

Katerina is a young influencer, writer and a proud feminist.