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Anastasia Masha

Hello, hello there kids! Who is celebrating Valentine's Day tonight? Whether you are single, dating or found the love of your life, this day is a perfect excuse for a lovely dinner (and a glass or two of wine) at home (with or without THY BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND). 

Our team is so over the 'strawberry - whip cream' business that we have come up with a special recipe, that is very easy to make, and is much more sexy. You will need: 400 gr strawberries, vodka and a table spoon of sugar. Slice the strawberries, add sugar and pour the Russian favourite all over (also depending on your taste, but we think one shot will do). Carefully mix all the ingredients together, place it on a pretty plate, and in the fridge. Half an hour later, enjoy it with a glass of champagne. Share it with your other half, or your squad. Or your cat. Now, do you really need to be dating to enjoy such a treat? Have fun today, go out and be safe! Hangover box definitely got your back the next morning.

p.s. Our mugs can also be used for desserts. Check them out in our store!     

This blog post was written & designed by Masha.