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Anastasia Masha

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holiday gift guide

Holiday shopping can be as much joyful as it is overwhelming. Just a weekend stroll in the city centre gives us anxiety, regardless the Christmas paraphernalia or deals in the department stores. This magical season suppose to be also about giving back. All in all, it is quite complicated to stay jolly, on the top of your gift list and keeping sanity in check. Solution? First, sit your queen self on the couch and pour a glass. Second, check your wi-fi connection and all the inspiring ladies that are popping on your Instagram feed. You will be delighted to see how many of them started small ventures on their own, and are in need of great support. Encourage the local businesses that are run by kick ass women by purchasing their creative goods. Scroll down for the ideas or comment below with Instagram tags of other small shops that we missed out!

For Your Mom & Other Important Ladies of Choice

You can never go wrong with a hand made, high quality, for-lingering-around-home cute outfit. Check out @By.TheWay on Instagram - besides a beautiful, carefully assembled perfectionist feed, you will find lovely robes, pj's, sleeping masks and decorative pillows. All products are hand-made by a cyborg multitasking lady Ksenia. She is in charge of making, sowing, designs, shipping, photography, customer service - just to name a few of her versatile skills. Soon enough you will be able to find a selection of her creations in our Hangover Box mini. Keep an eye out for more updates! Or if you cannot wait, click on the link in Ksenia's profile and message her directly. 

Another Ksenia, is just as brilliant. Blame it on the name. Ksenia Sapunkova is an artist, based in Toronto, whom simultaneously runs an accessory shop with her own designs - Saint Ksenia. Her original artwork is printed on eco-friendly silk scarves (for both women and men) in Canada, and has a satisfying range in size and price (ahem). Bonus point: custom design is available at your request. This multi-tasking woman surely has more surprises up her sleeve, so follow up on her adventures here or keep an eye on her authentic illustrations here.  

Blogger and herbalist @Organic_Olivia is an inspirational wonder woman with bold, personal experience in alternative health treatments and has done tremendous research and study to advice daily on well-being (read her story here). Her online shop includes supplement finds like Immune Shroom (to keep your over all immune system in check) and Not Your Average Probiotic (to make sure your gut flora is as healthy as a baby unicorn). The best find yet, is the Anti-Stress 2-in-1 kit, with magnesium infused tea and body spray. Follow @Organic_Olivia on Instagram for detailed explanations of the roots to many health issues or check out her shop here for other health supplements and books. 

For Your Sister


Sisters are such delicate creatures and you should cherish them just so. Womanology is founded by Oliwia , as a result of her healing journey and is built on cherishing women. Oliwia hand-crafts all of her organic products herself and the magic is real. We proudly own The Intimate Cleansing Oil N0.01 and the Self-Love Potion N0.01. Oliwia's products grant a Goddess-like sensation and well, smell wonderfully. Her Womanology Gift Set is a great present for any sister in your life, whether you are related or bounded by life. Her Instagram feed is an eye candy and the online store describes in elaborate detail what is inside the products for your lady bits and more.      

Celebratory feeling of womanhood can be also achieved with a cheeky attitude. Pot Yer Tits Away Luv is a great Instagram corner to join. There you will find lovely pots in a shape of breasts (in fact in all SHAPES and sizes) . Emma, an artist and a sculptor behind the quirky pottery, makes sure her creations are culturally diverse and versatile. Not to mention her great sense of humour and a cute cat (frequently documented in her Instagram stories - cat lovers, do not miss out)! The orders for Christmas are no longer accepted but hey, a titty pot is never a bad idea throughout the year. Get it as a late present for your favourite girl or order a custom made piece for yourself. 

For Your Squad

Walk Of Shame Uniform is a small fashion brand based in Milan, kicked off by some spectacular Italian ladies. Their range of products is a fun way to celebrate all those nights out that will only stay between you and your bestie. 'For Hangover Only' and 'Walk Of Shame Uniform' sweatshirts and tees can be a flawless matching outfit for your squad, with a great sense of humour and an eye for sporty street style.

Our own Hangover Box was born out of a vibrant friendship between girls, with an intent that many others, will appreciate a funky gift. Choose Hangover Box Mini to acknowledge a friendship that had some good tipsy times nobody should talk about. Ever.  

For Yourself

Treat yourself to a seductive piece of lingerie or a pearl choker from Portarte. Founded by a stylist and deity of organisational skills, Anastasia, the online shop is a sensual corner which supports young designers and sells only hand-crafted products. Free shipping sounds like a cherry on top.  

Acknowledge your quirks and curves with anything from Radical Cuteness. Behind the stitched, curvaceous artworks is Sarah - a feminist and an imaginative lady. Her Etsy shop is a mixture of hand-crafted embroidery, colouring books and vulva shaped pins. Body positivity is not always easy; reminding yourself that hair grows in a bunch of places (and it is not a big deal) with art is a great way to kick off the year.  

All the images belong to the respected owners of the businesses mentioned above.

This blog post was written by Masha.

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