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Anastasia Masha

Besides the endless layers of clothing and no sign of festivities yet, there are a couple of things that elevate our mood. Well, kind of. While battling the cold outside and aching for summer still, we are staying enthusiastic and definitely are not counting down the days until June (if you happen to wonder, its 210 exact). 

On a more positive note, here is more excitement from August and July at your disposal. Or keep on scrolling. Whatever really, in this cold.

walkofshameuniform hangover box blog.jpg

walk of shame uniform


Store update! Just in time for the weather, you can now strut around in 'for hangover only' black beenie from an Italian brand WALK OF SHAME UNIFORM. Black wool, funky embroidery and laid-back-Milanese-cool all in one. WALK OF SHAME UNIFORM is a 'Made In Italy', small fashion company, kicked off by spectacular women. There is a lot of weird dancing happens every time you decide to purchase from a small business started by girls. Trust me. It is quite a performance to witness. 



This discovery gave us quite a Hangover Box vibe. Although yet to be tried, several fragrances left us with curious wonder. Can you really duplicate 'Kitten Fur' feeling in a tiny bottle? (cat lovers will understand). Can 'Sunshine' be squeezed out for just 6 dollars at that? (Very much needed though.) And who in this world will ever buy a smell dubbed 'New Baby' ? Although walking around with a trace of 'Gin & Tonic' is nowhere to be found on our list (been there, done that), this one is surely a product to look out for. What do you think?  

art history caps


If in a constant mood swing, check this Instagram account for a laugh. Tag a girlfriend. Study art.  

This blog post was written by Masha.

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