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Anastasia Masha

Aloha kids of drinking age! October is playing our mood swings like violinist here in the office. What about you? If you are feeling the melancholia, scroll down to find out about things that give us sunshine when there is none outside.

OBSESSED! It must have been 'the walk of shame uniform' long tees and 'for hangovers only' beenies that must have done it for us. The laid back attitude and no shame just made us go: what a gem! We could not keep such treasures to ourselves and so we will be bringing to you a special selection from walk of shame uniform pieces via our shop pretty soon! Not to mention that Hangover Box will be featured on their platform. Keep an eye out for more collaborations to come!

There is a high chance that you have seen a gorgeous brunette laying in the heart shaped bathtub on Instagram with no credit due! Well, let us break this to you: it was Juno Calypso. A female artist, shooting self portraits with which she does not portray herself, but an alter ego named Joyce. According to the artist herself: "Once alone I used Joyce to reenact the private underlife of a woman consumed by the laboured construct of femininity, carried out to the point of ritualised absurdity." And so we embrace another feminist on our girl crush list. 

Britalianka is an online diary by a young writer Chiara, who discusses the perks of being 25 years old, journaling and other quirky details about her life and inspirations. Sometimes her posts are followed by unconventional illustrations by Daniela Spoto (another female artist worth looking into). We fell in love with Chiara's writing style when she submitted a humorous short story for our blog page. "Britalianka” is a merger of British, and Italianka - which means “Italian girl” in Russian (Chiara lived in Moscow for a while). Besides the platform she is also into acting, polaroids, foreign cultures and travelling. We are very curious to see where this wild soul will end up next!  

This article was written by Masha.

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