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Instagram Princesses Worth The Double Tap

Anastasia Masha

violet benson hangover box blog october.png

Violet Benson

The woman behind @daddyissues_ who is not scared to laugh at herself and we laugh our pants off with her. A business mogul who made cat-loving, couch-wine-drinking and single problems a thing. Even if you have never heard of Violet Benson, her memes probably made their way to your newsfeed somehow. Now her videos on Facebook are more relatable than even. Personal favourite: Top 5 things that happen during sex, *that nobody wants to talk about.  Watching this princess celebrate womanhood with such great humour is a bliss.

celeste barber hangover box blog october.png

Celeste Barber


Celeste Barber challenges social norms and pop culture celebrities that project impossible beauty standards for many. Her humorous take on recognisable images (as well as videos) that circulate in the media not only are creatively fun and outstanding, but also draw attention to many issues women face today. It is liberating to see someone who breaks down the photography that has been post produced and had a team behind, while Celeste makes it real with a little laugh (or cry-laugh in my case). Also, her Instagram stories on parenting are a must watch. 

caroline vreeland hangover box blog october.png

Caroline Vreeland

Caroline Vreeland has inherited not only the last name of her infamous grandmother. She is a singer, a fixture during fashion weeks worldwide and a great bundle of joy. Her Instagram stories mostly consist of red wine indulgence, pasta devouring and movie watching (candidly crying while doing so, thanks for the spoilers, Caroline). Her spirit feels as close as to that girlfriend you had back in high school, whom taught you how to keep your liquor,  but lost in touch after grad. Well, reunion never felt this close. 

This blog post was written by Masha.

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