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Anastasia Masha

Aloha kids! The holidays have passed in a swirl of FAMILY OCCASIONS (no I still do not know what I want to do with my future and no mom, I am not freezing my eggs, yet);  PRESENTS (I do not need another shower/bath necessity, thank you very much); and hopefully WINE (Carlotta, for the love of God, do delete those videos off your phone).

If awkward conversations about future and a talk about 'important choices one must make in their twenties' have safely passed you, we hope the wine did not. And if you did have the wine (or other alcohol beverages) you might want consider making some good use out of the bottles that are left. Reuse & recycle! (Also, if there are any alcohol left-overs that you are not planning on drinking any time soon, but do not want to waste: check out our other blog post HERE). So scroll down and get inspired!

Bottle Vases

You have probably thought about this one yourself! It is so easy to make a single flower stand out with just a beautiful glass bottle. Use acrylic paint to match the pieces to your interior, or just colour them with different brushes to let your inner artist out. Be creative! Neatly wrap a string (use glue) or add other decorations like stickers or picture cut outs. 

Candle Holders

This one works best if you let the wax drip around the bottle (and get candles of different deep colours, like bardot or dark blue). With time the rusty look will be so tumblr perfect you'll have kids lining up to take a picture of it. Or a snap. Or whatever else. 


This one is our favourite! See through glass bottles with a wider neck will work best. Use all the good stuff that has been laying around but you do not have the guts to throw away: feathers, beach stones, beads & crystals. Old jewellery and dry flowers can come in handy as well. Assemble your treasures inside the bottles and enjoy dressing up your apartment!


Buy more bottles of wine. Call your squad. Invite them to a 'green party', where you must switch off the lights, light some candles, get your crafts out and come up with more ideas for recycling the bottles you have left. Have fun and be safe! 

p.s. Our takeaway coffee mugs might come in handy. They are perfect for all sorts of beverage XD  

This blog post was written by Masha.