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Anastasia Masha


Left overs meaning a drop of red wine at the bottom of that last bottle; or a shot or two neglected in the fridge recklessly, to cool down (we know who you are, Carlotta). Reuse and recycle, kids. We know mommy didn't raise a quitter so we assume most of the alcohol is usually gone after a party season. Yet, there are those rare occasions when you corked it up, but not going to drink it down any time soon (unless YOU ARE after all, Carlotta).

If that is the case, we have collected some good (and not so good) ideas for how to reuse & recycle your left over beverages.


Great for marinading the meat (just don't overdo yourself, child); as well as adding some to salad vinaigrette; however soaking salsa in tequila sounds like the best option. Although, if after a night out you can still taste it on your tongue (and smell it on your shirt) just leave it in the fridge for better days to come. 


When it doesn't make you dance like a rock star that you are (hopefully with pants on) it makes up for a pretty sufficient detergent. It can kill the growth of mildew, removes stains (including hairspray, any kind of goo, really) and can be also used as a disinfectant in the kitchen.  

If cleaning is not anywhere near on your hangover agenda , try a fun popsicle recipe from Hangover Box. You will need: vodka left overs, gummy bears and ginger ale or other preferred sweet, sparkling drink (prosecco is not an option). Get some gummy bears, soak those babies in vodka for a couple of hours (or a night, depending on how strong and tipsy you want them to be). Once they are pumped and ready, place them in the popsicle mold , pour ginger ale and leave them in freezer. Can be a very fresh treat for you and your squad after a rough night.

So kids, there are plenty of other useful hacks on how to use whatever beverage is left from last night (white wine removing oily stains, gin cleans jewellery, while whiskey can be used as a refresher for a smelly cutting board or added to your barbecue meat.) How do you use your left overs if you ever get any ?

p.s. Our takeaway coffee mugs can be used for all sorts of beverage 

This blog post was written by Masha.