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5 HANGOVER HACKS to save your life

Anastasia Masha

Aloha kiddos! How many times have you woken up with a baby desert in your mouth, suffocating from your own breath and swearing upon the universe that you WILL NEVER GO OUT EVER AGAIN (at least no clubbing , and surely not with that Italian Carlotta chick. Wine is still ok, though). 
Well, you are not alone. Our team gathered some hangover survivor hacks that MAY or MAY NOT (some cases are too severe) help you to live through the day. Scroll down and give it a try! 

KEEP A FACIAL MASK IN THE FRIDGE. Always. The morning after "its Mexico somewhere" shot spree, you will thank yourself for keeping an eye gel mask in the freezer. Although, our team opts for cotton under eye patches or Vilenta Vitamin facial masks, infused with C & E vitamins. Keep a facial thermal spray in the fridge for the same purpose (we made sure our Hangover Boxes have a small sized thermal water spray for party beasts that travel).



CHOOSE YOUR FOOD WISELY. We know how tempting it is to order pizza or go for those tacos with every single topping available. We are ourselves 'pasta for breakfast' kind of squad. Guilty. But hear us out. Soups can make you feel better if you felt nausea a couple of hours prior. Go for something nutritional, so your body can recover after loosing all the important stuff after your wild shenanigan (eggs & avocado is a great option). Greasy foods will only make you feel worse (and probably irritate the stomach), while fruit will speed up the removal of those alcohol toxins. Don't we all crave something fresh after a rough night?


WATER. Obviously you should be drinking lots and lots of water daily, but it is very important to help rehydration during the hangover. Coconut water, ginger and lemon infused water, water with cucumber slices, water with mint leaves, water with tea (our favourite). Add a little fruit here and there for some extra taste of detox, as long as it does not remind you of a drink you consumed in buckets the night before. Check out our recipes here and here for inspiration! FYI our rockstar mugs are perfect accessory for any kind of beverage XD 


KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Wear your hangover with pride. Have you ever heard a rock star complain? Exactly. Call up that Italian Carlotta chick, laugh about it and make sure only you two have the access to embarrassing pictures. Watch some Netflix and chill. 


If everything else fails, Hangover Box got your back!

P.S. We promote healthy lifestyle. DRINK RESPONSIBLY. 

This blog post was written and designed by Masha.