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Into The Void Of Social

Anastasia Masha

In between the three apps that you are using with your anxious, indesisive thumb, Instagram plays the role of a Dementor dressed as a magic unicorn. It lovingly sucks the living shit out of you, and when you think you had just enough, you do the ‘unwind’ bedtime scroll. 

Your healthy relationship continues into perpetual Instagram story ‘add’ dependency; three to four profiles you despise behind the closed doors but still ok with looking at frequently; perhaps a profile of a famous cat, whom surprisingly has the most ‘authentic’ following. 

The Mona Lisas

The mysterious bitches with a distinctive Lana Del Rey vibe. To your major disappointment, these rare birds can be seen posting a beautiful, naturally snapped shot at odd times, surpassing the 18.30 Thursday rule. They also fuck around with the established cycles of the commoners: inflatable flamingos for Christmas and office flat lays in August. Is it a lip pout or is she smiling? Go figure. 

The Sellers

Anyone with a small, merch venture falls under this category: artists trying to make a living off postcards while art galleries are politely rejecting their erotic doodles of genitals; musicians desperately scattering a dollar or two for their patreon page; bloggers urging you to ‘read’ their latest post; global jet setters, in between their privileged, yet sincere jet lag complaints; a spiritual guidance teacher whose yogi mats are laid with crystals, feathered crowns and affirmation decks (in collaboration with the artist of course, see above). A dewy cocktail of self-published books, pins with oaths to feminism and great photography skills. You know who you are. 

The Blessed 

The enviable legacy of rockstars, 90s super models, artists, actors and other (insert rich) bohemia’s offspring who has worked really hard to be where they are today, withstanding judgment and hypocrisy, simply leading a torturous life of first class travel, red carpet appearances and round-the-clock arrangements for product placement. The signature move: zoom in on the eye with a ‘I am so tired of this bs’ connotation.



The Micro Influencer

Few passive/aggressive replies to e-mails, an over priced tag for an Instagram post, attitude showers and rare appearances at low budget events. These specimen will either sign a contract with a communication agency and suddenly become a repost image for every Tumblr blog you follow, or will find their calling in creative fields of DJ-ing, bikini-modeling or fashion styling, overweighing their competition with the increased number of f̶o̶l̶l̶o̶w̶e̶r̶s̶ bots. 

Which one are you ? 


is an artist and a writer. See her frequent pictures of cats here or follow her on tumblr here. 

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The Old Wives Tale That Really Does Work...

Anastasia Masha

benefits of apple cider vinegar hangover box.jpg

ACV...AKA Apple Cider Vinegar.

ACV...AKA Apple Cider Vinegar.

Do you suffer with bloating? Find it difficult to loose weight? Having digestion problems? Can't find an effective detox? Never seem to be able to cure a hunger? Want whiter teeth? .... well read on and find out why apple cider vinegar, the fermented health tonic, is the answer to all of your prayers.

OK, so I kinda jumped on the band wagon. I had heard so many people around me and online rave about how apple cider vinegar was the answer to all of their problems. How it had helped them shed pounds in weeks. How it helped them clear some room (if you know what I mean...aka no2). It helped their digestion, their sleep pattern and much more. So well me being me, I had to give this a try.

So off I went into Holland and Barrett and asked the lady who worked there the brand she recommended. Now if you have the money the brand everyone suggests is called Braggs, however at student prices the lady suggested that this brand has exactly the same effect, just for a cheaper price, so I went for it, Aspall, raw apple cider vinegar. Key thing to note is that for the following recipes to work, the Apple Cider Vinegar you purchase must contain THE MOTHER ingredient. Now I had my apple cider vinegar, I had to figure out some recipes to get the results I desired from taking it. For me, my main aim was to get rid of some bloating, increase my metabolism, as well as praying my teeth got a little whiter. So here are some factual benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, as well as how I feel it's helped me and the recipes I followed to make this potent ingredient a lot easier to take. (I have now been taking apple cider vinegar for 2 weeks.)

apple cider vinegar benefits blog post hangover box.jpg

DIGESTIVE BENEFITS OF ACV- Apple cider vinegar when taken simply with water before a meal can seriously improve your digestion. ACV contains enzymes and bacteria that make digestion for the body so much easier. It also allows for optimum absorption of vitamins and nutrients from the food we then go onto eat. Furthermore it also promotes the production of digestive 'juices' and enzymes in the body so food is broken down fully. Also and it may sound crazy, but whilst researching about ACV everyone had said 'cures my heart burn', 'no more indigestion and acid reflux', which I know 'isn't vinegar an acid?', wrong. Since I started drinking ACV- must note this is ALWAYS diluted in water, I would say 2 tbsp to a pint of water- I haven't had indigestion or heartburn, which I previously did get fairly frequently.

BEAUTY BENEFITS OF ACV- Apple cider vinegar, being fermented, has antibacterial properties, so once the body takes it in, it goes to work 'knocking out' bacteria that can cause bad breath or halitosis. Furthermore it also can kill bacteria in the plaque which aids in a fresher breath and also improving the whiteness of teeth. ACV also as it supports the insides, in turn shows a healthy glow on the outside, which is always a plus, because lets be honest who doesn't want a nice glow to their cheeks.

BLOOD SUGAR BENEFITS OF ACV- there has been many studies carried out that show, ACV can improve insulin sensitivity, which means lower blood sugar levels when the body responds to food consumption. Therefore meaning ACV can help contribute to stable glucose levels in the blood even after eating a high carb meal. Balanced blood sugar improves hormones (however this is yet to be seen ;) ), reduces stress, which I have definitely seen and also keeps sugar cravings at bay, which I also truly believe has significantly improved in my diet.

DETOX BENEFITS OF AVC- apple cider vinegar supports both the lymphatic system and promotes good circulation. Thus making it a handy tool in your bodies natural detox functions. It also, gross but true, thins out mucus, yes you read correctly, mucus, which means when fighting a cold ACV drinks are the way to go!

turmeric apple cider vinegar detox blog post.jpg


- Well let's start with the most simplest- WITH WATER- this one is the easiest and quickest and the one when doing my research I found most used, simply add 2 tablespoons of ACV to a pint of water and then down the hatch, either in the morning or at night. In the morning you are set up for a day of good digestion, a good clear out and a properly lined stomach. Where as in the evening you are set for bacteria fighting and help with digestion ready for the night ahead. I will say though, although this one is easy, its not the nicest in regards to flavour, so it depends on how you want to drink it and also how much time you have. PS this is also the best for teeth whitening.

- My ultimate detox, de-bloat recipe I will say however is with TURMERIC and LEMON-

Turmeric itself is an anti- inflammatory, along with lemon which is high in vitamin C boosting immunity, a natural alkaline along with all the benefits of ACV, this is by far the most effective recipe. For this I put a tsp of turmeric, half the juice of a lemon and hot water with 2 tbsp of ACV and ta-dah, your ultimate detox drink. I prefer to drink this in the morning I would say up to 10 mins before my breakfast. With this drink I really have felt the benefits in regards to bloating and digestion, and it is just simply a pleasent drink in the morning, you can feel the cleaning effects straight away- well I think you can anyway.


Cinnamon is a natural source of a high amount of anti-oxidants, it also again is an ant-inflammatory, helps keep a healthy heart and again helps dental health and keeps a nice breath. Ginger is also anti-inflammatory and also helps with digestion and again is anti-bacterial. For this I simply add 1 tsp of each to hot water along with 2 tbsp of ACV and it goes to work.

Plus this is the tastiest...I recommend this one for the night time, it is very relaxing and add a drop of honey....its like Christmas in a cup...obviously with a hint of sour from the vinegar though.

To summarise, Apple Cider Vinegar is honestly a natural wonder. A tonic that helps in so many ways, I truly suggest you give it a try and reap its benefits. I will also say since I started drinking these drinks I have been sleeping like a baby. Its kept me much calmer and helped so much with my digestion, teeth and more, In the first few days I felt like I'd dropped about 20 pounds (wish it was true!). Seriously though, I'm glad I tried it..... now it's your turn....

If you do give it a try, please let me know your thoughts and how you get on in the comments bellow.

Thanks and lots of love.



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BOOK REVIEW: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight

Anastasia Masha

By Lilley Bridges

originally featured on

Browsing through Waterstones, convincing myself I would buy a thought-provoking, evocative and inspiring novel (you know… something along the lines of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility) my eyes quickly landed on arguabley the most captivating title I had ever read: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight. As a person who has an innate and unrelenting need to people please, I instantly was drawn to it… I mean, here stood a literary gateway, promising me entry into the world of ‘non f**k-giving’. Though a wise person once said, ‘you should never judge a book my its cover’, I believed, from the off, this one, by being so unapologetically self-explainatory and unsubtle, would be pretty bloody good and well, life changing! So I bought it. Turns out my intial wish of an inspiring novel was not far off achieved….

In true philisophical fashion, this book offers self-help but with an edge. Instead of debating the existence of life, human conscience, or anything else that makes you have a bloody existential crisis (I blame freud, who, even today, manages to evade every genre of disciplines), I was debating who and what I gave a f**k about. Likewise, such a self-reflexive method did wonders to help me declutter my internal ‘f**k drawer’ by channeling a ‘non-sorry’ method. Basically, do not be sorry for anything you do that enhances your own happniess. In short, Knight offers the reader a logical discourse and method to break down who and what we genuinely care about. For instance, when Knight stopped caring about going to baby showers or unfriended ‘annoying’ people on Facebook, she was faced with more time filled with things that did not annoy her; practically a win win!

By parodying The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, Knight makes the connection between the decluttered home and the decluttered mind. You have to rid your life of the things that cause stress and anxiety in order to replace them with, and focus on, things that ‘sparks joy’. ‘Embrace the power of no!’ is another motto that can’t help but stick. Simplistic terms for a relatively simplistic solution is Knight’s philosophy, but us perfectionists or ‘f**ck givers’, as Knight would say, have not yeat realized that caring too much about things that we don’t have to can be eradicated by simply a change of mind not a change of situtaiton!

On attending  University, my ‘f**k budegt’ has taken its fair share of exhaustion. Deadlines, endless amounts of small talk, that blooming recycling bin, changing bed sheets weekly (incase my flatmates uncover im actually a smell, lazy troll), girls that bitch, girls that whine, LIVING WITH GIRLS, girls that do better than me academically, girls that are prettier than me, more deadlines, weight gain, spots, going to the gym, girls that seem to look amaing in the gym when im a sweaty gross mess in a heap on a mat in the darkest corner of the room…. The list of f**ks go on….

Basically, what I realised is that I am utlimatley a f**k giver. I care… SO MUCH! It has taken a book informing me on how to not care as much to make me realise I care too much…. oh the irony. Ultimately, I am slowly coming to the realisation that I will never be perfect, there will always be someone better then me: better at sports, skinnier than me, prettier, but that’s okay because hey who gives a f**k?! No one likes me any less for it (well not that Im aware…).

Social media has made us all really care and I mean really care… who is wearing what… who is doing what…. Who is going out with who…. And the reality is… nothing really matters unless you focus on yourself first! Someone is taking you for granted? Delete. You don’t want to go out clubbing? Don’t. Fancy another slice of cake? EAT IT FOR GODS SAKE!

You are the most important person in your own life so do what makes you happy no matter how mundane or trivial. For instance, treating myself to a take-out coffee is one of the little perks in my life that I love to do…. Call me a middle aged woman but its true! Not to menton all the chocolate I divulge in….

Ultimately in true Sarah Knight fashion lets just stop giving a f**k…. (or or as many) and lets start focusing on the person that truly matters… OURSELVES!!

Lilley xox

Lilley Bridges

is studying English Literature and History at the University of Edinburgh, consequently sharing her impeccable style and giving it a go at writing.   

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How To Find Your Style/Aesthetic

Anastasia Masha

Hello friends!

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about photography and how you can find the perfect style that fits your personality best.

People always ask me how do I keep my aesthetic so clean and 'perfect' everytime I post something.

Well, the answer is simple; I keep doing myself.

I never post anything that I don't feel like it's 100% entirely me; I post photos that I love only and that actually make me feel happy and good about my aesthetic.

I am a perfectionist and sometimes I see it as a flaw, cause it becomes frustrating; but most of the times it's actually a trait. I feel so motivated and never post anything that I don't really like.

My feed needs to be perfect, clean and minimal as much as possible. Of course, everybody is different; people have different tastes, I'm not saying that you need to do the same things as I do.

You do you.

That's the key, actually!

So I thought I could give you some advices on how to find your style/aesthetic for an instagram feed or whatever photography app you're using.


  • Never compare your photos/feed to other's. Your photos should be as original as possible. Sure, you can be obviously inspired by someone, but never copy someone else's pictures. It's actually more fun to create your own photos, trust me.
  • Find a theme that fits your personality best. Maybe you like darker tones, black and grey colors for example; try to take pictures of whatever you want keeping that style so your feed won't be too messy. Maybe play a little bit with shadows! If you like bright pictures and warmer tones, try to take pictures of whatever you'd like; (for example: outfits, books, places) and again, if you want to focus on a certain theme, then maybe you could choose a few colors, perhaps even a filter, and try to stick to them.
  • Your feed could be about whatever you'd like, it doesn't need to be about just one 'thing' or 'topic'. It can be about your writing, fashion, and beauty; or it could be about art, drawing, school, and food! Post whatever you like, post about your passions, hobbies; and always put yourself in it. Be creative! Maybe you could keep a journal where you can write photos ideas or something.
  • Captions; try to write captions that attract people's attention, again, just by being yourself. Don't force yourself to write things that don't make sense to you, or that you don't really care about. Try to express your feelings in your captions, about whatever you like. Or just quote something that you love for example! In my opinion, posting emojis only could be a little bit boring, so I won't suggest doing that!
  • Find your inspiration. As I already said, just because you want to be original, doesn't mean that you can't have inspirations. Follow accounts that inspire you and your style; even on pinterest, tumblr. Seeing photos that you love could affect your style a lot, in a good way of course, but remember (!) don't try to be anyone else but yourself! 

Again, every person is different of course. If you feel the need to change your feed, or suddenly you feel the need to bring some new colors to your pictures and feed, then do it!

You should never be bored of how your pictures turn. You should never be unhappy on how your feed is looking, otherwise perhaps you're not actually doing/posting what you love.

Remember, be yourself, createhave fun, and never get bored of your pictures.

I hope this will help you somehow!

Lots of love,

your autumn girl, Mikaela. x

mikaela delcatty writer blogger fashion hangover box aesthetic blogging advice.jpg


is a prominent lover of jazz music, coffee and architecture. She writes poetry, blogs and always channels her distinctive aesthetic and style. Follow this bae on Instagram or heart everything on Tumblr here.  

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Five Free Essential Apps For Bloggers

Anastasia Masha

We are the age of The Influencer. Big brands from high street to high end are waking up to our marketing potential and investing in our social media crazed selves, and why? Bloggers and Influencers make an impact. Our generation (whether its healthy or not) lives with phone in hand. We spend every waking hour scrolling through socials because we’re nosy… and its all well and good to follow but how do you get followed? If you’re committed to establishing your own brand and social media presence then these are the five essential apps you need to download right now.

The beginning of my own blog and ‘content creator’ title followed with a greater understanding of the importance of all things social media. I searched for anything and everything that could possibly help me to improve my content or to better market myself. I cringe at the recollection of my own Instagram page a mere few years ago, a time when I was barely active and posted poorly lit and uninteresting photos! Now, I’m aware of all kinds of Instagram pressures… people work so hard to stick to a theme and us bloggers are doing anything and everything we can to increase our engagement! There’s no doubt that running a blog and successful social media accounts is a full time job, but I guarantee that these time saving, image enhancing apps will make it much easier to manage.


If you live in the UK and are anything like myself, you’ll agree that the winter months are hellish. There are many reasons I’m of this opinion, but the only relevant one is that its always dark. Great images are arguably THE most important part of online success, but the weather that accompanies the British Winter make light and bright photography next to impossible. That’s where Lightroom comes in. Lightroom is an editing app which not only allows you to control the brightness and highlights, but also the colour… a few small tweaks will completely transform your photo.


Canva is basically graphic design for dummies! It’s my go-to app for creating blog headers, twitter banners, and even my brand logo! Its so easy to use, has so many inspiring fonts and templates, and even looks after the technicalities for you, with templates that are the exact sizing needed for twitter posts and headers, blog graphics… the list goes on.


Planoly is for the Instagram obsessed organiser! A planning app which lets you ‘dummy post’ to your Instagram feed, Planoly allows you to rearrange and play around with images. This gives you the ability to find the most aesthetically pleasing order before you commit it to your feed. I love using this app to see how new images will look alongside my existing content, and there have been so many times that its allowed me to reassess my image order to make my feed look more ‘themed’!


For many of us, growing Instagram has been an uphill struggle. I for one, find myself having to work much harder to stay relevant, get decent engagement and gain followers rather than loose them. With so many accounts playing dirty and using the ‘follow to unfollow’ game to increase their numbers, its difficult to trust new followers to stick around. Any accounts that follow me and whose content I like, I’ll follow back, I then check and manage my unfollowers every few weeks using the Twitly app. It tattles on both Instagram and Twitter unfollowers so that you can keep an eye on those fluctuating follower counts.


Hands up those who struggle to keep on top of all of their social media platforms, alongside keeping their head above water in real life! My twitter used to really suffer when I was having a busy period, which was so frustrating because we all know what a great platform it is for promoting blog posts! The Buffer app is an absolute life-saver if you’re having this issue, because it remembers for you! All you have to do is set a schedule, queue some tweets, and the rest is taken care of.

I hope you love these apps as much as I do and that they free up some of your time and leave you less frazzled! Let me know if there are any apps that I’ve missed but that are essential to your blogging routine… I’d love to check them out and add them to my own.

sophie hearts blog.png


is a writing enthusiast, fashion and beauty lover, an emerging photographer and a lifestyle blogger. Follow Sophie on Instagram for beautiful snaps or Twitter for her blog updates!

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Social Media Detox

Anastasia Masha

So how does someone who works in social media, take a break from social media you may ask? Well, you don’t. I use the term ‘Social Media Detox’ very freely I’ll admit. Think of it as more of a cleansing process, eliminating as much social media from my own personal life as possible. Which means; no waking up in the morning and checking my phone like its the morning newspaper, no procrastinating important tasks to chat with my little online world and no lying in bed at night falling asleep to Facebook meme’s and Twitter controversies.

As part of my new year’s resolutions, last week I decided to go a week without social media. Initially I had wanted to try go a month but being that I am a Social Media Community Manager (I manage business’ social media’s) and a Blogger, being online is part of my life. For the duration of that week I wasn’t allowed to post anything on any platforms or engage with anyone else’s content. I wasn’t allowed to watch any Insta Stories or Snapchat video’s and I was not, above all else, allowed to scroll up and down my news feeds for an unimaginable amount of time (Why? Why do we do this?) I did however make up the ‘rules’ myself so technically I could just change them as I went along. Disclaimer: I did.

When I think of the word ‘social media’ it’s difficult to formulate a paragraph as to what it represents to me. I have a million and one thoughts regarding the topic so to condense it all into cohesive thoughts is a real task. Social media is weird, wonderful, powerful and a tool that has rapidly changed the world as we know it. It has skyrocketed careers, businesses and shared people’s stories around the world. It has connected people and to some extent, has pushed us all to be more and to do more – anything for that perfect picture ya know. Social media has also opened the gates for online bullying, peer-pressure to the highest degree, self-doubt and the ability to never ever be fully immersed in the moment. To be immersed in this thing called life. Like most things in life, social media has good things and bad things and just like in life, it’s up to you which aspect you choose to focus on and embrace.

social media detox pink hangover box lifestyle blog sugar.jpg

"The evening was probably the hardest for me to not be on my phone as that is the time that I like to wind down from the day, check-in on things and work on my blog."

Without getting too deep, I know that we all have our own personal struggles with social media, whatever they may be. Did you know that just by logging into my social media accounts, I can automatically jeopardise my entire day and put myself into a bad mood? Just by looking at other people’s lives, other people’s things. Basically just sitting there, consciously or sub-consciously, comparing myself to other people. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, self-doubt is the thief of joy (maybe that’s not the exact quote but it’s something like that). Regardless of what we know to be right and what we know to be true this can still get the better of us. Which is why I took this time without social media consuming my life to really reflect on things and re-evaluate situations in my life (there is more to this but I’m trying to be vague, amuse me).

The first day of my ‘detox’ wasn’t hard per say it was just, different. It felt strange to not be fiddling with my phone 24/7 and to have to put all my concentration into one thing at a time. I didn’t realise what a permanent fixture my phone had become in my hand. In the mornings I landed up having so much more time to make a good breakfast, put on my make-up and tidy my room before work. Getting out of bed was the most challenging as I usually go online when I’m slowly waking up as a transition period from dead asleep to awake again – please tell me I’m not the only one who does this? (That and I can convince myself to stay in bed a bit longer). During the day I didn’t struggle too much as I was still on other accounts posting images and sharing links, I still got my fix  Even if it wasn’t from my own accounts personally. I even managed to go out for lunch and not take one picture of my food, the restaurant or the amazing view in front of me. I just enjoyed it and kept it all to myself! (Groundbreaking stuff guys).

The evening was probably the hardest for me to not be on my phone as that is the time that I like to wind down from the day, check-in on things and work on my blog. To me I associate all those things with social media and so to be deprived of that was a testing situation – how cringe worthy to even type this out. #FirstWorldProblems. In my new-found spare time; I caught up on season 2 of The Crown, I read my new book and I coloured in with my new crayons and colouring in book – adult versions I promise. These tasks kept my fidgeting hands busy and my mind seemingly busy as well. It was only after two or three days of breaking in my new routine that I realised how much more there was to this social media thing. Day in and day out I spend so much time with my nose poked into other people’s lives that I don’t even realise the effect it is beginning to have on me.

social media detox blog post article hangover box lifestyle blogger blue .jpg

"We cannot allow ourselves to be ruled by an ‘imaginary’ sphere filled with people we hardly know or people we have never met, with stories and images that are not entirely accurate."

For quite some time now I have been having really bad nightmares, bad mood swings and a pretty negative outlook on things that used to bring me so much joy. Although you would think that it’s a pretty obvious discovery, last week I felt a whole lot of that fall away and a whole lot of myself, my real self, return. I know this might sound rather dramatic which I apologise for, it’s honestly not like I’m a miserable social media junkie with no life. I can just sometimes forget that what you see online is not real life. We cannot allow ourselves to be ruled my an ‘imaginary’ sphere filled with people we hardly know or people we have never met, with stories and images that are not entirely accurate. Social media was created to help us connect with one another. To have a look into each other’s lives and to inspire one another. Everyone has their own path, their own story and their own voice, don’t let self-comparison rob you of those things. Besides, if it’s not fun anymore and not making you happy, what an actual waste of time! No but really.

On another note…

Sorry to disappoint but my week without social media has not completely and utterly changed my existence from here on out. I still love social media and all it has brought about in my life. It did however refresh and remind me to check myself and the world around me. In terms of your personal life, Social media is REALLY not all that. I would highly recommend everyone take a break from social media at some point or another. Whether it be for a month, a week or even just an afternoon every so often, it’s always a positive thing to live in the moment and reflect on the life you are privileged to lead. Think about it, when last did you go even one day without social media?

Sheesh, I’m even inspiring myself right now guys.

Kay Ellis

is a freelance social media manager, who loves writing and produces great content for her own blog TheKayleighKronicles. Follow this babe on Instagram to keep up with all of her lovely projects!

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total party looks under 100€

Anastasia Masha

90s babe

Black Cut Out Bandeau Cropped Top Missguided - 15,00€

Mini Skirt Plum Latex Wovo - 45€

Sunglasses H&M - 7,99€

Black Suedette Block Heels New Look - 16,80€

Metal Hoop Earrings Zara - 9,95€

Total: 94,74€


 with this Portarte choker


Day To Night

For Hangover Only Embroided T-Shirt walk of shame uniform - 25€

Western Gingham Skirt Vero Moda - 40€ 

Papillon Black Sunglasses Dhomy - 29,90€

Suze Shearling Pool Sliders Urban Outfitters - 13€

Total: 107€ (Ooops 7€ over! Make a smart move and get the For The Hangover Only T-Shirt inside the Hangover Box instead!)


Bad Ass Ladies Club

Hangover Survivor T-Shirt Hangover Box - 12,50€

Shorts With Laces H&M - 24,99€

Drifter Black Slides Fila - 39€

Pack Of Two Mini Bun Holders Asos - 6,80€

Leopard Coin Purse Accessorize - 13€

Total: 96,29€ (use promo code GRLPWR at the check out to receive 10% off your Hangover Box t-shirt!)


What A Doll

Faux Pearl Earrings Forever21 - 4€

Leopard Slip Dress  Motel - 34€ 

Faux Fur Mules  & Other Stories - 29,70€

Cat Sunglasses Subdued - 12,90€

Total: 80,60€

put together by Masha Nova

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Anastasia Masha

  • Join clubs and organizations.  During my first semester at James Madison University, I must have joined at least eight clubs.  I wanted to try everything and it ended up being a little bit too much, but I’m so glad I put myself out there from the start!  By the end of that first semester, I had found a really wonderful fellowship on campus that helped me secure my place at JMU and I’m so grateful that I was able to be surrounded by great people so early on.
hangover box blog college tips.jpg


  • Get an internship!  At some schools, it’s a requirement that you do an internship before you graduate, and I’m 100% supportive of that!  I got my first internship the summer before my junior year and it was incredible.  Not only did it affirm the industry I want to work in when I graduate, but I got to work with so many terrific professionals who were more than happy to talk about my future career!
hangover box blog tips school .jpg


  • Move off campus.  This is a big one for me!  I lived on campus my first and second years and now I’m living off for my third and fourth.  My college experience really changed when I switched from living in a dorm to living in an apartment.  It allows you to feel so much more independent and it gave me the separation between school and home that I was looking for.


  • Live with people you know.  It’s really important in college to live with people who you know and trust.  Bad living situations can affect every aspect of your college life and it can so easily be avoided!  If you have to live with people you don’t know, be sure to ask around about them and see what kind of people they are before you commit.
hangover box blog post fun.jpg


  • Have fun!  Don’t get me wrong, academics have to come first but it’s also important to not let yourself get too stressed out.  At JMU, we have a really great gym that does all different types of workout classes and they’re such a great stress relief.  Once you find a couple hobbies, you’ll be good to go!

has recently graduated from James Madison University, where she majored in Media Arts & Design. Look out for this bae on Instagram or check out her lifestyle blog Allison in Wonderland

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Anastasia Masha

by Sophie Jean

Tips For Creating A Fun Weekend Outfit…

The weekends for me are all about fun and relaxing. I think it’s important to be wearing something that’s really comfy yet still has an element of glamour. There’s no reason comfy and chic can’t go together! I think long skirts are a great way to do this, plus how cute is this metallic silver skirt from Vince Camuto. It definitely gives that chic glamor vibe and is oh so comfy.

I love pairing feminine skirts with basic tee’s! To me, the contrast between the two styles is so complimentary. It helps to turn an otherwise dressier piece into a look that can be worn during the day and night. I couldn’t resist this “Sunday Funday” tee from Bow and Drape for a little bit of extra fun.

One of my style tips for this look would be to try untucking it completely or just tucking it in slightly on the side. You will be surprised at how much this can change your whole look. I believe you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously when it comes to fashion and style. If you like it got for it! Have fun and play around with different pieces and looks.

The leather jacket…

A leather jacket is the perfect transition piece from your winter wardrobe to your spring wardrobe (and for my Aussie’s back home it’s the perfect piece you can wear all autumn and winter long, so get one now and you’ll be thanking me later when it’s still a piece you’re rocking as spring rolls around). I love that you can wear a leather jacket over pretty much anything. T-shirts, sweaters, summery dresses. One of my favorite style tips would be to try pairing a leather jacket with your go to summery dresses. A leather jacket can take a season specific item of clothing and make it wearable all year long. Pairing this Sunday Funday tee with my black leather jacket from Blank NYC really completed my outfit and gave this look a bit more edge.

And lastly.. Jewellery! One of my favorite style tips.

I can never go past some sparkly details in an outfit. Right now I am obsessed with the brand Miranda Frye. They are all about beautiful delicate pieces and necklaces you can layer together for the ultimate effortlessly chic look. I also think a pair of great sunglasses can totally complete a look and right now these Zara sunglasses are my absolute favourite.

No matter what day of the week, dress fun and dress with confidence and your personality will shine through. I hope you enjoyed my weekend style tips… HAPPY STYLING!

sophie jean blogger hangover box.jpg

Sophie Jean

is a stylist, fashion lover and a creative blogger. Check out more of her contemporary street style posts and beauty tips on The Sophie Jean Blog. Follow her on Instagram here or keep up to date on Facebook here. 

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6 Ways to Self Care right now when you work so damn hard

Anastasia Masha

written by Whitney Alese

This article was originally published on The Reclaimed

Y'all entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Real talk, it's hard out here. Particularly if you are choosing a space that seems over-saturated. To stand out, you have to produce more, or better, or constantly, and that is really no way to live.

But even if you aren't an entrepreneur, I am sure you have felt this way too. There are going to be those days where you have worked your fingers to the bone and your mind into mush. Its on those days you feel like you have fallen into a slump and need to claw your way out.

It get's like that for all of us.

Our society and upbringing oftentimes geared us to a life of working hard for wealth at the expense of our health and then paying for our health using what we have earned from our wealth. But this year, I have decided to make some major (and not so major) changes to bless my

Here are some of the ways I stay sane while working for myself.

Journaling, Journaling, Journaling
One of the elements of self care that I have committed to is journaling at least once a week. I know, I know, that means time away from your business or hustle. But, when you consider that this is time that will be well invested in your own mental stability by the cathartic process of writing down whatever you are feeling or thinking or praying for, then you will see it as time well worth the investment. Take the time. Make the time. Even if it's only for 3 minutes, make the time to write.

Take a damn break already
Last week, we talked about the difference between hustling and alignment and how essential both are to success. Hustling alone will only wear you out. Remember, you are a human being, not a human doing. There are times when you absolutely need a break. Take the time to take a break.

Make sure you move your body
I move my body everyday. No, I'm not spending hours in the gym. I go for walks a lot. Something about being outside and moving and feeling my joints and bones and muscles move around is liberating, especially if I am in a slump. If you have been sitting in front of a laptop or computer or at a desk all day, it is essential to get up and move. Commit to moving your body every day, even if you can only walk around the block or jog up a few flights of stairs. Do it. You will feel better.

Look at what you have accomplished so far
Remember when your mom or dad used to hang up your work on the refrigerator or put your trophies or medals on a shelf for everyone to see? Remember how that made you feel? How empowered and proud and energizing it was to see the tangible realization of your hard work displayed? Now put that into play as an adult. I keep a folder on my laptop of the different achievements I have made. I also keep a running list of the brand partnerships that I have been blessed with. On rough days, I open those things up, just to remind myself of how far I have come. It really puts things into perspective.

Stop comparing
This one is me all the way. We can be so hyper-focused at what other people are doing that we miss all the great things happening around us. Stop scrolling, close the social feeds, and stop looking around. Instead, take a deep breath and look within. Look at your life through the lens of gratitude. Realize that you have been given every single thing you need to enjoy your own beautiful life. Feel empowered that if there is an element you want to change and are able to change, that you, indeed, can change it. If there is an area of your life that, right now, you are unable to change or change as quickly as you would like, don't obsess over not having control. Let go. Realize that there is a reason why this thing remains out of your control and focus on the things you can do.

Remind yourself why you started
Remind yourself why you chose to do what you are doing. Whether it is entrepreneurship or a certain career path, remind yourself why you are here. Remember that excitement you first had once you launched out into these waters. Remember your big dreams and big goals. Let that excitement waft over you again and get back in the ring.

Hope these help you as much as they are helping me.

Do you have a self care tip? Drop it in the comment box below! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Whitney Alese is a freelance writer and blogger. Read more of her work here or follow her on Instagram for beautiful snaps and daily updates.

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shop small, SUPPORT WOMEN

Anastasia Masha

hangover box holiday gift guide.jpg

holiday gift guide

Holiday shopping can be as much joyful as it is overwhelming. Just a weekend stroll in the city centre gives us anxiety, regardless the Christmas paraphernalia or deals in the department stores. This magical season suppose to be also about giving back. All in all, it is quite complicated to stay jolly, on the top of your gift list and keeping sanity in check. Solution? First, sit your queen self on the couch and pour a glass. Second, check your wi-fi connection and all the inspiring ladies that are popping on your Instagram feed. You will be delighted to see how many of them started small ventures on their own, and are in need of great support. Encourage the local businesses that are run by kick ass women by purchasing their creative goods. Scroll down for the ideas or comment below with Instagram tags of other small shops that we missed out!

For Your Mom & Other Important Ladies of Choice

You can never go wrong with a hand made, high quality, for-lingering-around-home cute outfit. Check out @By.TheWay on Instagram - besides a beautiful, carefully assembled perfectionist feed, you will find lovely robes, pj's, sleeping masks and decorative pillows. All products are hand-made by a cyborg multitasking lady Ksenia. She is in charge of making, sowing, designs, shipping, photography, customer service - just to name a few of her versatile skills. Soon enough you will be able to find a selection of her creations in our Hangover Box mini. Keep an eye out for more updates! Or if you cannot wait, click on the link in Ksenia's profile and message her directly. 

Another Ksenia, is just as brilliant. Blame it on the name. Ksenia Sapunkova is an artist, based in Toronto, whom simultaneously runs an accessory shop with her own designs - Saint Ksenia. Her original artwork is printed on eco-friendly silk scarves (for both women and men) in Canada, and has a satisfying range in size and price (ahem). Bonus point: custom design is available at your request. This multi-tasking woman surely has more surprises up her sleeve, so follow up on her adventures here or keep an eye on her authentic illustrations here.  

Blogger and herbalist @Organic_Olivia is an inspirational wonder woman with bold, personal experience in alternative health treatments and has done tremendous research and study to advice daily on well-being (read her story here). Her online shop includes supplement finds like Immune Shroom (to keep your over all immune system in check) and Not Your Average Probiotic (to make sure your gut flora is as healthy as a baby unicorn). The best find yet, is the Anti-Stress 2-in-1 kit, with magnesium infused tea and body spray. Follow @Organic_Olivia on Instagram for detailed explanations of the roots to many health issues or check out her shop here for other health supplements and books. 

For Your Sister


Sisters are such delicate creatures and you should cherish them just so. Womanology is founded by Oliwia , as a result of her healing journey and is built on cherishing women. Oliwia hand-crafts all of her organic products herself and the magic is real. We proudly own The Intimate Cleansing Oil N0.01 and the Self-Love Potion N0.01. Oliwia's products grant a Goddess-like sensation and well, smell wonderfully. Her Womanology Gift Set is a great present for any sister in your life, whether you are related or bounded by life. Her Instagram feed is an eye candy and the online store describes in elaborate detail what is inside the products for your lady bits and more.      

Celebratory feeling of womanhood can be also achieved with a cheeky attitude. Pot Yer Tits Away Luv is a great Instagram corner to join. There you will find lovely pots in a shape of breasts (in fact in all SHAPES and sizes) . Emma, an artist and a sculptor behind the quirky pottery, makes sure her creations are culturally diverse and versatile. Not to mention her great sense of humour and a cute cat (frequently documented in her Instagram stories - cat lovers, do not miss out)! The orders for Christmas are no longer accepted but hey, a titty pot is never a bad idea throughout the year. Get it as a late present for your favourite girl or order a custom made piece for yourself. 

For Your Squad

Walk Of Shame Uniform is a small fashion brand based in Milan, kicked off by some spectacular Italian ladies. Their range of products is a fun way to celebrate all those nights out that will only stay between you and your bestie. 'For Hangover Only' and 'Walk Of Shame Uniform' sweatshirts and tees can be a flawless matching outfit for your squad, with a great sense of humour and an eye for sporty street style.

Our own Hangover Box was born out of a vibrant friendship between girls, with an intent that many others, will appreciate a funky gift. Choose Hangover Box Mini to acknowledge a friendship that had some good tipsy times nobody should talk about. Ever.  

For Yourself

Treat yourself to a seductive piece of lingerie or a pearl choker from Portarte. Founded by a stylist and deity of organisational skills, Anastasia, the online shop is a sensual corner which supports young designers and sells only hand-crafted products. Free shipping sounds like a cherry on top.  

Acknowledge your quirks and curves with anything from Radical Cuteness. Behind the stitched, curvaceous artworks is Sarah - a feminist and an imaginative lady. Her Etsy shop is a mixture of hand-crafted embroidery, colouring books and vulva shaped pins. Body positivity is not always easy; reminding yourself that hair grows in a bunch of places (and it is not a big deal) with art is a great way to kick off the year.  

All the images belong to the respected owners of the businesses mentioned above.

This blog post was written by Masha.

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Anastasia Masha

sparkles face body glow hangover box blog page lifetyle beauty how to .jpg

how to: glowing skin

whether hangover or not

Weeks before celebrations are packed with Christmas shopping, last minute projects and deadlines on fire (or burnt). While you are speed dialing this year's resolutions (you have 23 days left at that) here are some tips and products for a festive ready skin with a semi-healthy glow (depends on your alcohol intake). 


If you are an organisational Virgo-like cyborg, you might have carved out a window or two to have a professional revamp your skin back to life. If you are not, do not panic, there is still hope. Of course the main key to glowing skin is healthy food and buckets of water (WATER, Carlotta, not WINE), however, micro-circulation can play a small part. Bohemian ladies like Sonya Esman swear by a toning device called NuFace - its microcurrent technology suppose to gently stimulate and improve skin’s appearance. She looks good, so no denial in that. Their on the glow mini kit is on sale, so get your hands on it in time. Clarisonic is another device that was a big break through in skin care and all over Instagram - it cleanses, tones and vibrates. Wow. If you are an all-natural-carefree-gluten-empty unicorn then maybe you will appreciate an old school massager. Go fancy with crystals and improve your blood circulation with earthy pretty stones from Herbivore Organics.  


When you have been indulging yourself with a diet of cocktails, take-out and regretful decisions, the easiest way out is through. Nah, just kidding. A face mask will fix it. We made sure that both Hangover Box and Hangover Box mini has plenty of options at the check out (Vilenta Selfie Masks with quirky animal print), opt for the Panda mask for the brightening effect. If you are not into sheet masks, Into The Gloss suggests Vichy double glow peel mask among others. If on a budget, nothing has ever served as well as oatmeal and honey. Most importantly, do not forget to unwind, pour yourself a glass and couch for an instant effect.     


Remember when everyone was obsessed with serums and hi-tech technology and formulas that are confusing and hard to pronounce? Apparently nature had it all figured out for us: people with hi-tech formulas needed just to squeeze it out/cold press it and vualá. If you are looking for a natural glow it is time to give oils a try. New 'indie' brands are taking beauty counters by storm, all promising a harmless-all-natural-organic way to plump/fix/glow it. Depending on your budget the choices are plenty: The Ordinary, Sunday Riley, Madara, Kora Organics, Herbivore, Drunk Elephant Skincare just to name a few. Tip: do not fall into a trap of a beautiful Instagram profile, do your research first and spend time reading reviews before spending money. Support small local businesses or the ones that give back.  

This blog post was written by Masha.

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Anastasia Masha

Besides the endless layers of clothing and no sign of festivities yet, there are a couple of things that elevate our mood. Well, kind of. While battling the cold outside and aching for summer still, we are staying enthusiastic and definitely are not counting down the days until June (if you happen to wonder, its 210 exact). 

On a more positive note, here is more excitement from August and July at your disposal. Or keep on scrolling. Whatever really, in this cold.

walkofshameuniform hangover box blog.jpg

walk of shame uniform


Store update! Just in time for the weather, you can now strut around in 'for hangover only' black beenie from an Italian brand WALK OF SHAME UNIFORM. Black wool, funky embroidery and laid-back-Milanese-cool all in one. WALK OF SHAME UNIFORM is a 'Made In Italy', small fashion company, kicked off by spectacular women. There is a lot of weird dancing happens every time you decide to purchase from a small business started by girls. Trust me. It is quite a performance to witness. 



This discovery gave us quite a Hangover Box vibe. Although yet to be tried, several fragrances left us with curious wonder. Can you really duplicate 'Kitten Fur' feeling in a tiny bottle? (cat lovers will understand). Can 'Sunshine' be squeezed out for just 6 dollars at that? (Very much needed though.) And who in this world will ever buy a smell dubbed 'New Baby' ? Although walking around with a trace of 'Gin & Tonic' is nowhere to be found on our list (been there, done that), this one is surely a product to look out for. What do you think?  

art history caps


If in a constant mood swing, check this Instagram account for a laugh. Tag a girlfriend. Study art.  

This blog post was written by Masha.

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Instagram Princesses Worth The Double Tap

Anastasia Masha

violet benson hangover box blog october.png

Violet Benson

The woman behind @daddyissues_ who is not scared to laugh at herself and we laugh our pants off with her. A business mogul who made cat-loving, couch-wine-drinking and single problems a thing. Even if you have never heard of Violet Benson, her memes probably made their way to your newsfeed somehow. Now her videos on Facebook are more relatable than even. Personal favourite: Top 5 things that happen during sex, *that nobody wants to talk about.  Watching this princess celebrate womanhood with such great humour is a bliss.

celeste barber hangover box blog october.png

Celeste Barber


Celeste Barber challenges social norms and pop culture celebrities that project impossible beauty standards for many. Her humorous take on recognisable images (as well as videos) that circulate in the media not only are creatively fun and outstanding, but also draw attention to many issues women face today. It is liberating to see someone who breaks down the photography that has been post produced and had a team behind, while Celeste makes it real with a little laugh (or cry-laugh in my case). Also, her Instagram stories on parenting are a must watch. 

caroline vreeland hangover box blog october.png

Caroline Vreeland

Caroline Vreeland has inherited not only the last name of her infamous grandmother. She is a singer, a fixture during fashion weeks worldwide and a great bundle of joy. Her Instagram stories mostly consist of red wine indulgence, pasta devouring and movie watching (candidly crying while doing so, thanks for the spoilers, Caroline). Her spirit feels as close as to that girlfriend you had back in high school, whom taught you how to keep your liquor,  but lost in touch after grad. Well, reunion never felt this close. 

This blog post was written by Masha.

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Anastasia Masha

Aloha kids of drinking age! October is playing our mood swings like violinist here in the office. What about you? If you are feeling the melancholia, scroll down to find out about things that give us sunshine when there is none outside.

OBSESSED! It must have been 'the walk of shame uniform' long tees and 'for hangovers only' beenies that must have done it for us. The laid back attitude and no shame just made us go: what a gem! We could not keep such treasures to ourselves and so we will be bringing to you a special selection from walk of shame uniform pieces via our shop pretty soon! Not to mention that Hangover Box will be featured on their platform. Keep an eye out for more collaborations to come!

There is a high chance that you have seen a gorgeous brunette laying in the heart shaped bathtub on Instagram with no credit due! Well, let us break this to you: it was Juno Calypso. A female artist, shooting self portraits with which she does not portray herself, but an alter ego named Joyce. According to the artist herself: "Once alone I used Joyce to reenact the private underlife of a woman consumed by the laboured construct of femininity, carried out to the point of ritualised absurdity." And so we embrace another feminist on our girl crush list. 

Britalianka is an online diary by a young writer Chiara, who discusses the perks of being 25 years old, journaling and other quirky details about her life and inspirations. Sometimes her posts are followed by unconventional illustrations by Daniela Spoto (another female artist worth looking into). We fell in love with Chiara's writing style when she submitted a humorous short story for our blog page. "Britalianka” is a merger of British, and Italianka - which means “Italian girl” in Russian (Chiara lived in Moscow for a while). Besides the platform she is also into acting, polaroids, foreign cultures and travelling. We are very curious to see where this wild soul will end up next!  

This article was written by Masha.

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Adulthood, friendship and adventure

Anastasia Masha

Just For a Quick Beer

It’s the middle of the week, it’s been a sh**ty day, and you’re uninspired to do anything different than admitting your failure by putting on sweatpants and binge-watching The Simpsons Christmas Specials. Then, that funny girl you met at a party a couple of weeks ago texts you. She has tons of juicy news about her life, and she wants to buy you a drink and tell you everything - she knows you two can become great friends. You’d love to ignore her message, pretend you’re just unreachable at the moment, but editing your WhatsApp settings is still on your to-do list and, as a matter of fact, you are a big procrastinator. Also, you remember you made up a lame excuse the last time she called too, and you don’t want to be a snob. “Great, but just for a quick beer, I’d like to get home early”.

The venue you meet at is cool, and the prices are reasonable too. Also, she greets you with a big smile and a hug, and you feel awfully guilty for having thought of her as a big pain in the neck half an hour ago.

She talks a lot, she’s very excited, and you’re happy for her. You’re well-known for being a great listener, so you just nod and intervene only when appropriate. In the meantime that one beer becomes two, and then three. You girls munch on a couple of peanuts, and agree on trying the new cocktail on the menu. Here we go, it’s 1am.

When she asks what’s bothering you, you give her the runaround, but she insists you should let it out, and to encourage you she tells something rather private about her. Just like the beers, one secret becomes two, and then three, and then you get a special cocktail of her worst memories. A couple of hours ago, she was jolly and bubbly like a flûte of Prosecco, now she’s a jug of tears and smudged make up. While you carry her home, she repeatedly tells you how great you are, and how important you are for her, even if you met just fourteen days ago. You hand her to her flatmate, and get home at 3am.

You’re lying in your bed. You know the day after you’ll wake up with a deep desire of a full English breakfast and a new unexpected bestie - you just know too much about her. But that’s ok, after all she’s a very nice girl. Cheers.

Featured illustration: by Daniela Spoto .

This article was submitted by a very talented writer Chiara Maxia. Follow her on Instagram here

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Anastasia Masha

Aloha party beasts! Are you still crying about summer along with the September rain? Dry your reservoir of tears, dear one. If Siri is silent towards your pleas for tumblr perfect location that serves drinks, we are slaving away in the office to bring you just that.

Check out our list for Riga here , or scroll away to get a sneak peak of Milanese hot spots. 

Dark and intimate, this location has been scoring reviews and magnetising international press like a pro. The cocktail menu is a rock star dream, not to mention that each drink is themed and comes with array of gadgets (because most of us are just kids of drinking age after all). The execution of cocktails is an art form, from making to serving. Downside? No pre-booking. Stand outside and hope for the best. Order Sex and The City if you do get in, though.  

Your Instagram followers will hold their breath if you:

a. scrupulously snap a video of the MAG interiors


b. get a laid back looking photo casually sipping on a drink outside (bonus: in the heart of the Navigli nobody will give you a side stare for day drinking. Hey, you are in Italy, you will NEVER get a stare for day drinking). 

Besides the cool vibe, WI-FI (a rare luxury in Milan) and cute menu, you can also enjoy a bite here. 

In Milan, if you happen to lay your eyes on something rather more exotic than wine, more often than not, you will find yourself sipping on vodka-syrup-soap-and-sugar beverage made out of bartender tears. With that said, if you are still looking for something outside your comfort zone, that tastes right, Rita is the place. It serves a very elaborate range of drinks, so prepare yourself for a ride. Call in advance, this one seems to be always busy getting party beasts like you tipsy.  

This blog post was written by Masha.







Anastasia Masha

Book: Just Kids by Patti Smith

Patti Smith is a legendary representative of a female in a rock'n'roll world dominated by males. A poet, a rockstar, an artist, a song writer, a muse to her contemporaries and to generations to come. This book is an intimate narrative about Patti Smith's life before fame; chronicling a devoted friendship between her and Robert Mapplethorpe. Before you jump on this one, her other book, the M Train, is also a must read. 

Female artist: Kamya Meha

Recently discovered via Instagram, this lady sinked into our hearts with her feminine art. Kamya Meha portrays delicacy with boldness and celebrates womanhood to the core. Her creative imagery is consistent, modern and honours the body without shame. Visual heaven, no doubt. Based in Paris, she specialises in graphic as well as web design.      

Going a little bit green

Although the Hangover Box team sources the products with the least impact on our Mother Earth (the scrubs are paper packaged, the facial spray does not come in plastic, and the mugs are eco friendly); it was a bit challenging to carry around our own mugs to the coffee shops to reduce the waste and littering that comes with takeaway. After a couple of failed attemtpts, it actually felt liberating and we hope many will follow our example.

This blog post was written by Masha.


Anastasia Masha

1. Find some lonesome, ME time

So your friends went on a gorgeous trip to Ibiza, made love to strangers and flood your Instagram feed with turquoise water featuring their butts in red bikinis. Ok, so what? First of all, hangovers are even more brutal when on vacation (Ibiza, duh) and honestly, that last pizza crust with garlic cream cheese is worth (and much more tempting) then every tight butt in the world all together. This is your chance to finally spend some quality time on the creature you love the most (yourself, or your cat, it depends) and do the things you never had time for. Read young adult fiction with no one telling you are too old for that shit (Hunger Games anyone?), and alas re-watch the most artificial, racist, anti-feminist, heartbreak infused, fake friendship series (yes, sex and the city, that will be you). Wear the same t-shirt for more than a couple of days (including sleep, grocery store, and takeaway coffee trips). Drink wine out the bottle. Laugh, cry and enjoy life by yourself. 

2. Pizza pie, tacos, pizza pie

Stop weighing yourself. Summer season is almost over so if dieting peacefully passed you by, rejoice! You got a year ahead to make that body of yours to look as gorgeous as angel Candice herself! We vote cheat month until fall, you only live once after all. 

3. Trade Netflix for a book 

Of course the new series of GOT sound just as tempting as a glass of cool prosecco after a hard day of work. But how else are you going to raise your smarts and impress your boss while casually conversing over a fancy cup of coffee? Here is a list of pure entertainment concurrently intelligent reads:

1. Wine Bar Theory by David Gilberstone

2. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson

3. #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

4. Get Over Your Damn Self by Romi Neustadt

5. Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelley

4. If everything else fails

Learn 7-12 foreign words and lie about your fancy trip abroad.   

all photography images are by female artist Sarah Bahbah. No copyright intended. 

This blog post was written by Masha.


Anastasia Masha

We continue to update you on the lovely things we discover via friends, Instagram or even from the outside activities (wine tasting on the couch counts). Check out March and July for more entertainment, or keep on scrolling. Whatever rocks your boat, really. 

Over Ez

This baby was a god sent this summer. All natural supplement that prevents hangovers with the help of chicory root and milk thistle (vegans rejoice), on top of that a vitamin B complex and charming packaging with a funny quote. Take this magic pill just before the party or during the consumption of your favourite beverage. Available in both Hangover Box and Hangover Box Mini

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

Summer reading list goals. A collection of girl power infused essays that are reasonable, contemporary and relatable. A must read for creatives, communication enthusiasts, artists, girls and boys alike. This is one of those books that you will bookmark the fuck out and flood every single social media account you have ever had with quotes. Ahem Roxane Gay.  

Ganor Dominic Heels

Although our glass-jar-money is far off from making a purchase from Ganor Dominic (is far from any kind of purchase period), drooling and making Harmonia sandals (or Chaos booties) a first on the wish list is for free. These beautiful London-designed, Italian-made bundles of joy, shall be a priority once we actually make real money. Well, gas bills FIRST of course. THEN pink Harmonia suede sandals. Sandals. Wait... what?

@resistingbitchface Instagram account

If you are into powerful girlhood images but also have a soft spot for pink, well dear friend, this one is a bingo. “Cat calling is for pussies" and "I eat gender norms for breakfast" posts are our favourite so far. Go ahead and give this one a follow. #SupportingLocalGirlSquad  

This blog post was written by Masha.